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Časarov mlin - water mill


Casarov mlin is a small and young company that deals with tourism and is located at the Ratkovci brook in the village of Berkovci in Goricko (Prekmurje). This is 15 km from Murska Sobota and 3 km from Hungary. The main focus is on the mill (museum). This mill was built in 1930 and has the status of a cultural and technical monument. Francis turbine and a mighty, gas driven machine are inside the mill and this is the biggest attraction in the mill . All mechanical parts have been restored and ethnological collection is also a part of the  museum. Here are tools and objects which were used for farming and millwork in the past. 


The company is a part of the project "Sladka pot". This project includes four companies. Together they exist on the market under the brand name "Sladka pot". Other companies: Medicarstvo Jožica Celec (producers and sellers of mead), Cebelarstvo Kozic (apiculture or beekeepers) and Turisticna kmetija Tremel (agritourism farm)


The Casar mill offers:

 * Guided tours  of the mill

    * Individual tours of the mill

    * Educational workshops for schools

* Valentine's and other hikes in the Sladka pot tour.

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